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Arkon - Palm Kit
Manufacturer of Universal Handheld GPS or Portable Phone Kit, Universal Windshield Mount For Palm-Sized Computers, Combo Kit For Phones & Palm-Sized Computers and other accessories.
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Gamber Johnson
Developer and supplier of durable, high quality mounting systems, docking stations and related products for mobile communications, computers and other electronic equipment. We have an extensive product line of modular assemblies for all types of vehicles
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IBM Pervasive Computing Home Page
Provides the software, hardware, and solutions to empower individuals and businesses to create services and applications for a new generation of computing devices.
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Lifeline Technologies
Online store selling Palm Handhelds, Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs, Accessories, Software and more.
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Matt's Cougar Chronicles
Learn about the New Edge 1999 Mercury Cougar from a loyal and dedicated owner. See how to install a Palm-Top PC/GPS.
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Mobile Insights, Inc.
Professional services company located in Mountain View, California, that focuses on the mobile computing and data communications market.
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MobileComputing Associates
Consulting and systems delivery firm focused on wireless data technology and workforce automation solutions for the field service, sales, utility and insurance industries.
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MobilePlanet, Inc.
Online store selling mobile computers including Handheld & PDAs, Notebooks, PC Cards, Wireless, Software, Accessories, Printers & Scanners, Projectors & Digital Cameras
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Palm Gear HQ
The one stop source for your Palm connected organizer including software, hardware, accessories, news, tips/tricks, and related links.
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Planet IT
Mobile computing news, product reviews and technology.
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Personal Digital Assistants informative news and reviews site, with some added twists. We try to deliver our content in a fresh and insightful way, offering nothing but the highest quality.
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Device2device wireless solutions that enable mobile workforces and individuals to communicate and collaborate with one another in real-time regardless of the type of PDA or smartphone they use.
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Terrabridge Wireless Gear Inc. - Canada
Online store with a comprehensive line of IT products to support your wireless, mobile computing and communication needs.
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Windows CE Archives
Dedicated to providing the most complete organized archive of Windows CE sites and software on the internet.
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 Links: 1-14 of 14 Pages: 1 
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