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 Photo CDs 2000 IASCA World Finals Photo CD-ROM
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IASCA World Finals

IASCA World Finals

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The Show 2000 IASCA World Finals - Oklahoma, OK - October 27-29, 2000
Photo Quality Taken with 5 digital cameras at high resolution
Photo Sizes Resized to 500x375 and the original 1152x864 size.
MPG Clips 13 Clips.
Competitor Cars
Sound Quality
49 of 50 Novices (98%)
62 of 65 Amateurs (95%)
43 of 48 Pros (90%)
7 of 7 Experts (100%)
Total SQ
161 of 170 (95%)

Total IDBL
37 of 63 (59%)

198 of 233 (85%)
12 of 32 Stock vehicles (38%)
18 of 20 Advanced vehicles (60%)
7 of 11 Ultimate vehicles (64%)
Awards / Results Photos of trophies, judges, competitor meeting
Photo of competitors on stage with trophies (1 Per Class)
Full results with complete scores.
Convention Center 17 Photos of Myriad Convention Center
Exhibitors 46 Booths covered with demo vehicles
Bikini Contest 26 Photos of the 3 contestants
Kicker Tour 35 Exclusive photo shots of the Kicker plant in Stillwater, OK.
Have you ever seen a subwoofer put together?
CD-ROM Price $15 USD - United States and Canada
$20 USD - International Sales (Postage, Packaging, Processing)
(Shipping Included)
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Personal Email

I received my CD about 2 days ago.  I love it and all of the pictures.  They are such high quality.  I am truly glad I bought it.

I can't believe I waited so Long!!  Thanks.

Rob Harrison, Lexington Ky.

 Photo Viewer Order CD-ROM 
HTML and JavaScript interface for CD-ROM to browse photos
There are 5 different views to make your browsing of the photos as easy as possible.  These views include: Division/Class, Last Name, First Name, Location City/State, Vehicle Make/Model.  Then separate sections for demo vehicles, expo floor and the bikini contest, etc.
Click Here To See A Sample Of The Interface
This is just a sample, there are no photos, but the basic concept is there.
 Pricing And Purchasing Order CD-ROM 
CD-ROM Price Is $15 shipped to US/Canada and $20  Internationally
We feel this is a fair price to pay for a photo set of the 2000 IASCA World Finals.  We have put a lot of hard work and time into creating the HTML interface, shooting the photos, and organizing them for you.  All shipping charges are included in the price.
Payment is made through PayPal or CCNow
PayPal accepts MasterCard and Visa and is open to US/Canada and some international countries.  CCNow accepts MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover and is open to all countries.  If you prefer to pay through a check or money order, please contact us.
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Use this link if anything messed up with the order process.  For example if the PayPal server was busy and asked you to press refresh and try again.  If you closed your browser session before completing the full ordering process.
 Shipping Order CD-ROM 
The current shipping turn around is 24 hours.
If you place your order today, your CD-ROM will be mailed out the following day.
United States - From Atlanta, GA
Shipping is through USPS
Should take 1-3 days to arrive.
Canada - From Regina, SK
Shipping is through the Canada Post
Should take about 5 days to arrive.
We will send you an email the day before your CD-ROM is shipped.  If there is any delay in in shipping you will also be notified.
 Credits Order CD-ROM 
Canadian Car Audio Initial concept
IASCA member and competitor
Responsible for all photos and MPG movies
CD-ROM burning (Canada)
All shipping in Canada

MEIsearch CD design and development
Perl generated HTML interface from Excel spreadsheet
CD-ROM burning (United States)
All shipping in United States
Purchasing page and CGI scripts

 Disclaimer Order CD-ROM 
IASCA is a registered trademark of the International Auto Sound Challenge Association, Inc.  This photo CD-ROM and all contents are not affiliated, endorsed or approved with IASCA.

This CD-ROM is produced and copyrighted by and  We are just fans of this awesome sport, dedicated to providing full coverage of the 2000 IASCA World Finals in a visual format.
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