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Aj Crossover Calculator (NEW) 
Free online application for calculating inductor and capacitor values for first, second, third and fourth order passive crossover systems for two way speaker systems. Includes Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel, Chebychev, Legendre, Gaussian and Linear-phase type calculations.
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Freeware - Interactive Speaker Designer (ISD) To calculate loudspeaker volume and design for optimal usage of your speakers. Online utilities for Speaker Designing.
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Wayne's World Program Archives
A large collection of audio related software.
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7Shades - SoundPrism
Converts any Windows-95 or Windows-98 based desktop or laptop PC with a sound card and microphone into a powerful spectrum analyzer. It offers high-resolution real-time analysis of audio signals from the PC's sound card inputs.
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Audio Claims Solution (ACS)
Do you have customers who want an insurance replacement estimate for their stolen car audio equipment? Do insurance adjusters call you and ask you for a quote? ACS provides car audio estimating software online which allows you to prepare an estimate for any brand, any model. WebCARS is the most complete, most accurate, aftermarket car audio database of its kind. It represents 13 years of tracking each model by its features and matching it with a newer model of equal features, year after year.
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Backes Ljudbyggeri
ProBox2000 Software (Page in Swedish)
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Blaupunkt - Blaubox
Free DOS based program that predicts the frequency response of a given woofer in a chosen box. You are then able to print out wood cut blueprints with proper dimensions for all cuts and table saw cut angles for wedge shaped boxes.
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Bob White's Home Page
Software collection, DOS BoxModels, DriversED database, System Simulator and a Delay Lattice calculator, Loudspeaker System modeling program (FlexSys), a complete derivation of Benson-Thiele-Small model.
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Boxplot is a speaker system design program that allows you to design speaker enclosures and crossover networks that rival any store bought brand.
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Cameron's Audio Software
List of audio software with descriptions and reviews.
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Car Audio Software Archive
Audio related public domain or shareware software archive by AudioMarket
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Custom Speaker Box Design
Written by Pacific Audio & Alarm associates and featured in Car Stereo Review and Installation News magazines for its ease of use. Use this quick program to figure closed and vented box size and frequency response. 17.5 kb.
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 Mobile Audio  Software Page 1 of 3 
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