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Info on portable players, info on the format of MP3 itself including news, tech, software, and downloadable MP3s.
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Bare Bones MP3 Box
Build a dedicated Mp3 player for your car or home.
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BlueJohn's Place
Original hardware and software including: Joystick Sound Control, Infra Red Pc Controller, Simple Automatic MP3 Renamer and more
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Car-MP3 - Germany
German website dedicated to constructing automotive MP3 players.
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Car MP3 player for people who love mpeg music or mobile DJ's. Plans for building a car mp3 player that will hook to your home stereo system too. You can download mp3 music, or rip and encode your own CD's to mp3.
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Coolsachen - MP3 links
MP3 links, projects, software and hardware
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Home Brewed, Digital Audio MP3 Player, called CyberEclipse.
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Online store selling Archos Jukebox 6000 portable HD based MP3 player, Neo 35 car/home HD based MP3 player, MiSEL MP3CD Player - MJ-2000.
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Mac Digital Audio
News and Info for Your Ears. Source for timely news, tips, reviews, skins, and much more for Mac users.
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Information on building your own Car MP3 Player. Based on Win95/98 with Winamp, IR Remote, Palm Interface, Color LCD, Wireless CDPD Modem, HomePNA Network card, Auto Shutdown Unit
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Mobile MP3 hardware, software, examples, photos, links and more.
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The Reference Website for MPEG
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 Websites 1-12 of 12
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