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Acura Integrated Mp3
MP3 and stereo installation in a 1989 Acura Integra
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Auto & Mp3
Homemade carplayer for mp3's. Detailed information of the complete installation. technical information with diagrams.
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Cobra-AMP: Mobile MP3 Player
PC which is powered by the Cobra's battery and outputs near-CD quality music to the car stereo. The driver uses 4 different ways to choose their song(s); by genre, artist, title, or 'favorites.'
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Explorer MP3 SUV
The box that rocks! This is my 1993 Ford Explorer which is loaded with an MP3 player built in. My MP3 Car is top of the line, hosting thousands of songs. Check it out!
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Lorty's MP3 Car Home Page
Lorty's free Winamp plugin software to interface with homemade lcd/keyboard for your vehicle. DC-DC Mp3car Power Supply orders
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A computer that is installed in my 1996 Chevrolet full size pickup to play MP3 files. It is pretty much the most white trash method possible to get MP3s in my vehicle.
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Website about the MP3 player I built for my 1994 Ford Ranger. It took me a month to build the first prototype and then about another month to build the final version. It runs on Windows 98 and I use Winamp for the MP3 decoder.
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Diese Seite zeigt den Bau und den Einbau eines MP3-Players in mein Auto. DOS, MPXplay, MPXF, 2x20 LCD, NumPad
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My 1982 Pontiac Firebird with a computer system installed that allows me to play mp3 files in my car stereo
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MP3 Enhanced Cavalier including a PentiumII based computer in the trunk and a 4" TFT LCD in the passenger compartment.
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Scott's portable MP3 player. Lots of good pictures and documentation of his ongoing project.
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Documentation of the efforts at fitting a car with a MP3 player. Pictures and technical info.
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