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Andy McClellen: Troubadour
The 233 MHz Volvo 940 Turbo project using a Windows 95 PC running with a Cyrix 233 MX processor
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Brian & Kelly's Mobile MP3 Players
1988 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II - Pictures, Hardware, Software, The Future and Links
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Build Your Own MP3 Player
Build an MP3 player for home or car, hardware and software project plans with pictures, links, and free technical support.
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Mobile MP3 project in a Opel Omega Caravan
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Cutom PC controlled by a Mouse Remote, Keypad or Windows CE. Runs on Windows 98. Sound gets to the stereo via FM transmitter. It is powered by a DC-DC power supply and has 18GB hard drive.
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CarMp3 Page
About my project which is to put a mp3 player in my 1996 Ford Explorer.
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Technical information with schematics for installing a MP3 player. (Russian)
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Da Man's Cajun Page
Some modest hardware, linux, and a plethora of free time. Nice page, very clean finished project.
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Digitally Enhanced Sundance
1994 Plymouth Sundance containing a home computer in order to play mp3s and eventually watch video and play on the Internet. Soon, the screen will be integrated into the dash for a more built for comfort feel.
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Dodge MP3 Car
Dodge Shadow Cajun install
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home-built MP3 player for my car. It features a P166MMX with 16MB RAM, a 10 Gig HDD for the MP3s, and one sweet 6" color LCD. It's a continuous, ever evolving, money-eating project, which over time is sure to leave me hungry, pitied, and broke. But at least I'll have a cool car.
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Italian MP3 Celica Project
My Toyota Celica MP3 Project page (under construction)
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 Mobile MP3  Projects Page 1 of 3 
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