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MP3 Software archive, the latest and most complete. Find players, plugins, rippers, encoders, and lots of other utilities here, updated daily.
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MP3-World Software
430+ Programs listed. Categories All-In-All-Programs, CD-Ripper, CD-Brenner, MP3-Decoder, MP3-EnCoder, MP3-Player, PlugIn's, Skins and MP3-Utilities
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Speeds up Windows 98 and gives you the power to setup your computer, your way
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Cheap Bytes
Cheap Linux software. Linux 6.2 on CD for $9.50?
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David Barton - Projects
Plugin for winamp to allow it to display mp3 information on the LCD. Ideally to be used as part of a mobile mp3 player.
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EE Compendium - LCD Project
Project using an HD44780 LCD controller. Open source code.
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Frank Siegerts Project Page
MMP is a freeware player of various popular sound formats like MOD, MIDI, SND and MP3. It acts as a frontend to various command line players like timidity and mpg123. MMP: Minimal Media Player for NeXTSTEP/OpenStep and soon Rhapsody.
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Girder InfraRed Receiver Program
Software to drive any input device, keyboard, joystick, TCP/IP and supports the UIR/Irman.
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IIS-A - Audio & Multimedia
The leader among the international research labs. Fraunhofer IIS-A has been the main developer of the most advanced audio coding schemes, like MPEG Layer-3 and MPEG-2 AAC (Advanced Audio Coding).
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Infrared PC Remote Control - Info Page
Originally designed as part of a student project, further improvements have lead to a complete solution for building an infrared remote control system for PC computers. Simulate key pressing and launch programs with standard TV/VCR/HiFi type remote control units.
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Interfacing the IBM PC Parallel Printer Port
Technical document answering many commonly asked questions about the IBM parallel port, it is formatted more as a brief tutorial.
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Software for controlling your PC remotely. You can execute macros with remote controllers, joysticks, GSM short messages etc.
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 Mobile MP3  Software Page 1 of 3 
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