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AutoSound 2000 CD Products and Technologies
Complementing the Autosound 2000 Tech Briefs, David and Richard have produced a family of innovative software and specially recorded sound tracks designed to optimize your audio system as well as your listening skills.
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Autosound 2000 Test CDs
Incredible test discs designed to help you evaluate and improve your car sound systems from Richard Clark and David Navone
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Bass Mekanik Music
Bass CD's, SPL Tips and Tricks used by the Pro's, System Tuning and more
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BassZone Test CD's
John Janowitz's 99 track Basszone Test CD Volume 1
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Car Audio Concepts - Music
List of Setup, test and bass music CDs from
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CDDB Car Audio CDs
Search results for car audio on CDDB including Car Audio Nationals Test CDs, Jenson Car Audio and Infinity Car Audio
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Custom Lynx
Now you can have your own cd with up to 14 tracks with any frequencies you wish. (10Hz - 20KHz) Each track will consist of 5 minutes of each requested frequency.
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Digital Theater Systems, Inc. (DTS) Online
Browse through the amazing catalog of DTS-encoded 5.1-channel CDs and DVDs...many of which have received rave reviews for roviding "unforgettable multi-channel listening experiences."
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DIY Mobilesound's SQ and Bass Music Reviews
Reviews of Songs and CDs for sound quality (SQ) and bass music.
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DJ O2BEAT - Housemusic & Phatt Beatz
House, Techno and Trance CDs and MP3s from Cologne, Germany.
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DM Records
Bass CDs including Bass 305, Old School Players Bass Explosion, Techno Bass Crew, Trunk Funk, Bass America, Bass Invaders, Bass Syndicate, Bass Alliance, Bass Poets, Eurobass Express,Bass Gangsters, Bass Bombers and more
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Drive By Bass
Collection of hardcore beats to put fake jacks and their hoopties to shame. It's the def sound of bass for all your cruisin', bumpin' and dippin' skillz.
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